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Lifetime Debate

A Virtual Debate Club

  • Where online platforms mean distance is no problem

  • Where master coaches, industry experts, business & political leaders are only a video link away

  • Where debate is more than an academic exercise or extracurricular activity

  • Where the disciplines we learn translate into real-life skills that students will use in high school, college, and beyond

  • Where students are challenged to

    • Define their own moral center

    • Consider a plethora of ideas and philosophies as they broadly research the resolution

    • Evaluate ideas logically and discerningly as they prepare and write their individual cases.

    • Develop deeper thinking and reasoning skills

    • Learn to create pathos between themselves and an audience

    • Hold fast to their moral and ethical convictions while opening lines of communications with people who do not share the student's ideals

    • And much more...

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Intermediate  & Advanced Debate 

Winter & Spring 2021
STOA LD Resolution

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Foundations for Novice Debaters

Fall 2020
STOA LD Resolution

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Intermediate Debate

Fall 2020
STOA LD Resolution

Lifetime Debate: Features
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